Metzeler Sportec M3 120/70-17 (Front)

Metzeler Sportec M3 120/70-17 (Front)

SKU: MZ0020

Proven radial/value tire for performance bikes, it has a revolutionary compound that delivers high grip under the heavy power delivery of the latest high-performance sportbikes, while providing excellent mileage and high performance level throughout its life cycle. Compound, along with an advanced tread pattern, inspires confidence in wet conditions and reduces hydroplaning. Profile is balanced, front and rear, to enable the best handling motorcycle and offer excellent high speed stability. Tread pattern provides grooves where needed for drainage and compound only where grip is required most. Aggressive design accentuates the look of your bike while the tread design promotes uniform wear. Improved mileage is due to the combination of compound and tread pattern development steel for maximum support and precision.


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    Owners: Harley Strong, Dennis Day

    120 West Main St.

    Stewardson, IL 62463

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